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SURPRISINGLY the majority of General Landscaping Maintenance Workers are NOT Insured. If you are Lucky enough to find a Landscaper with any coverage at all it's likely to be a General Liability Policy which doesn't cover them cutting any Tree or Hedges higher than 6 ft off a ladder but MORE IMPORTANTLY it Doesn't cover them if they get hurt or injured. This would leave You Personally Liable for any damages and ALL medical expenses incurred.

Be Wise and ONLY hire an Insured Contractor.
"Our Company has established a reputation as the leader in tree trimming services."
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  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Removal
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Stump Removal
  • Debris Removal
  • Deadwood Removal
  • Cavity Reapir
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Tree Trimming Service

We trim and shape and remove all types of tress and bushes .

We are licensed and insured with 30 years experience in the tree industry . You want to hire a experienced licensed arborist in West Palm Beach and you found the right company we can help you today.
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Tree Service Pros

At Tree Service Pros we knew from the start we would change the tree service business. We wanted to provide all the services needed for commercial or residential customers to be able to go to one place for all their tree service needs. Our determination and persistence in this business has made us a leader in this industry and each day we stive to be better at what we do. We treat our customers with respect and never ask for more money than originally agreed upon. We offer tree services for all of West Palm Beach Boynton Beach and surrounding areas.

Tree Service Pros is located here in West Palm Beach and we are Licensed and Insured , Prompt , Courteous , and knowledgeable.

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Hedge Trimming

Who has the time to be a slave to their hedges? We are committed to keeping your hedges trimmed and in beautiful condition. Because the climate of South Florida is wet and moist, hedges grow very quickly. There are many different types of hedges and we know how to cater to the specific needs for each individual type. Some require more frequent trims, such as the Ficus, while others such as the Podocarpus, require much attention to ensure full growth. We can get you on a trim schedule to make them look amazing. We are licensed and insured .

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Stump Grinding Services

Stump and root removal jobs can present their own unique challenges and dangers. You should always consult a professional stump removal company, and there are several critical things to consider before you allow any company to perform such a project.

1. Are there water, sewer, electrical, gas, or any other lines below the surface near the removal?
2. If there is line or pipe nearby, have line and pipe locator services been notified for proper flagging?
3. If it is a stump removal, was the tree diseased, or did it have pests that might be spread to adjacent trees or landscape?
4. Has the stump been checked for nails and other objects that could become projectiles during the removal process?
5. Do the adjacent trees or landscape have roots that cross or inter-connect with the roots of the stump you are removing?
6. If the stump or roots are located on a property line, has permission been granted by all property owners?

Once the above items have been satisfied, when the job commences, you will want to make sure that all personal property, such as automobiles are a safe distance from the work zone. Be sure and let your neighbors know you are having stumps removed, so they can protect their property and loved ones. Make sure there are no children playing nearby, or pets roaming about that could be hit with flying objects. Remember, saftey is paramount! This is a very time consuming delicate process and safty is the main focus.Call us today to schedule your stum and root grinding project
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Debris Removal and Lot Clearing Services

Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove a large amount of existing landscape, such as trees and other vegetation; this is known as land clearing, lot clearing, or site prep, depending on the purpose for clearing the land.
If you are a homeowner, you may need to clear some of your land to improve the features of your property, increase its value, or make it safe. For instance, a wooded area on your property may create an environment for trespassers, or possibly dangerous animals. However, if you desire to have a wooded area on your land, it should be kept clean, and thinned, to reduce the risk of fire, and trespassers.
If you are a builder, you may require site prep services in order to build a home, a commercial building, a parking structure, or some other commercial project.
Either way, we are experienced in all phases of lot clearing, whether for the purpose of beautification, building projects, or maintenance.
We have developed relationships, and work closely with contractors of many industries to ensure our service to you is the best it can be. For this reason, we understand what building contractors, pool contractors, landscapers, and many other contractors need to make their land clearing projects go smoothly.
Environmental Impact of Land Clearing We specialize in low environmental impact lot clearing. The tools of our industry make a smaller footprint on your property, leaving your soil less contaminated, surrounding vegetation and structures unharmed, and in most cases, reduces the cost of the landscape re-beautification, or replacement process.
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Tree Trimming For Deadwood Removal

Deadwood within trees, especially mature trees, is a fairly common occurrence, and is typically caused by two different processes. First, it’s possible that the heartwood of the branch is hollowed out because of fungal issues.
Secondly, storms, disease, lack of enough sap, or even lack of water can cause decay of the bark. When this happens, the branch may end up dying. This then leaves many parts of the tree dead and hanging and dangerous to stay like this.
Deadwood within trees is actually a natural process for some fast-growing tree species, such as birch, banyan and locusts. These and other trees have small interior branches that may not receive enough sunlight. Smaller branches tend to be less useful to the growth of the tree and therefore, the tree sends more sap to the larger branches that support the tree. When the sap supply is cut off, as it eventually is, the smaller branches die. This leads to bigger issues as this continues to happen and the tree starts look very badly and becomes dangerous.
While it may not seem important, there are many reasons why deadwood should be removed:
-When deadwood breaks off in a thunderstorm the heartwood of the tree is exposed. The area of the tree where a branch has broken off exposes the heartwood of the tree, which can allow insects to penetrate and create a home. Water can also accumulate which can result in fungus and other forms of decay – this can eventually lead to trunk rot.
-As mentioned above, deadwood can break off during a storm and even light winds. When this happens, it can cause property damage and injury. Deadwood removal can help eliminate liability concerns – which is of particular concern when dealing with branches greater than 2 inches in diameter.
-A large amount of deadwood is not aesthetically pleasing. Removal will help to improve the overall balance of the tree. A lot of deadwoods will prevent wind from blowing through the tree, which can result in damage, or even the total destruction, of the tree
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Cavity Repair service

method for patching a tree hole is to use a thin metal flap or screening covered with plaster over the tree hole. This will prevent animals and water from entering the hole and create a surface that the bark and outer living layers can eventually grow back over. We are repairing tree cavity areas for more than 30 years we are experts in Arbor industry. Call today for details
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